Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3

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Get the original Gravity Forms Mailgun at a discounted price for your WordPress Websites. Have instant access to the same files distributed by Rocketgenius, Inc. However, we do not provide any technical support at this discounted price. That you would get if you purchased it from its author at its regular price. Visit our FAQs for more information.

Current Version: 1.3
Last Updated: 2020-10-02
Developer: Rocketgenius, Inc.
License Type: GNU General Public License
Product Homepage URL:
Product Documentation URL:
Demo Website URL:

Technical support

We pose ourselves as a distributor focused on making these products accessible to everyone at a very low price. So, we do not provide any technical support for Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3. If you are someone not quite sure about what this application does or how to set it up or require some advanced customization then you might consider purching it from the official site at a regular price.

However, if their documentations and demo application provide you enough information for installation or configuration then you can buy the product from our site and enjoy its future updates.


You may want to look at questions that our customers frequently ask to clarify their understanding about our services.
  • Do you update Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3?

    Yes, we do. If you do not see the latest version of Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3 available on our site, please, report us.

  • Is Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3 original?

    Yes, Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3 is original. We purchase it from its original source and redistribute it to our customers.

    We do not add, remove, or modify any of these products. They are exactly what you would get if you purchased them for its developer.

  • Is it legal to download from here?

    Yes, it’s legal to Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3 from WooTreasure. Because these files are redistributed under the terms of General Public License (GPL).

  • Do you supply any license or API keys?

    No, we do not provide any License Key or API Key for Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3. Products distributed under the terms of GPL do not require any activation keys to function.

    The activation keys only enable you to receive automatic updates. If an automatic update is your concern then you should purchase it from its developer or the marketplace where he made it available for sale.

    However, an activation key may rather limit you from using it on multiple domains.

  • What to do about the license notifications?

    There are some products that may remind or notify you about a license key. You can ignore these messages.

    The activation keys only enable you to receive automatic updates and their support. You can use the free plugin Disable Admin Notices Individually to disable these notifications.

  • Is there any domain specific restriction?

    No, there is no usage restriction on how many domains you can use it. You can install Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3 on as many websites as you want.

  • Do you offer any technical support?

    No. Since, we’re not the developer of Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.3 we do not guarantee its usability nor do we provide any technical support.

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